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    they're turning a little yellow, browning on the edges, and then popping off easily when i tug on them a little. Rule this cause out by checking which leaves are affected. Common conditions include discolorations and color-changing of their leaves. When that’s the case, the pathogens usually target young leaves. Ficus plants, in general, are prone to leaf loss when they’re stressed, however, for the ficus lyrata (fiddle leaf fig), going down leaves indicates the plant needs aid promptly. So I moved it away from the window. Although it will never reach its mature outdoor height of 50 feet (thank God), a potted fiddle-leaf fig … The man who sold me the tree advised to wait about 10-14 days to water and then continue watering every 10 to 14 days after that. Due to the fact that fiddle leaf fig leaves are so large, it can take months or years to regrow lost vegetation. Reasons for a fig with yellow leaves. The trees are relatively pest free and easy to propagate, so why do their leaves turning yellow? Just like people, plants can suffer from stress, and stress is the cause of those yellow leaves on fig trees. Fiddle leaf fig bottom leaves turning yellow help! The trick is to discover the cause of the stress. How to care for Fiddle-leaf fig yellowing and withered I. Fiddle Leaf Figs make a beautiful addition to any flats or apartments, and they are easy to grow. some leaves have been lost from the middle and the bottom mostly. When you overwater a Fiddle Leaf Fig, brown patches will spread over the leaves. Among the first and also most usual indicators of problem in a fiddle leaf fig tree is dropping leaves. Hi Everyone, I purchased my first fiddle leaf fig tree on March 1st, 2017 (24 days ago). With root rot, the leaves will typically remain dark green with brown spots, but with bacterial leaf spot, the leaf will turn yellow as the brown spot spreads. hello! The telltale sign of bacterial leaf spot in your Fiddle Leaf Fig is yellowing of the leaves in addition to the brown spots. I've had this fiddle leaf fig for just over a year. When we water plants, most of the water we use is tap water, and tap water is also known as hard water. In October I moved it into this larger pot one of the tiny leaves on the bottom turned yellow at about the same time. The only thing worse than an unhappy fiddle-leaf fig tree that’s turning yellow or losing its leaves is a fiddle-leaf fig tree that’s too happy—and outgrows your home. "Its large, shiny, fiddle/violin shaped leaves make this architectural plant unique and one of the most popular houseplants on the planet," she says. It was looking great when I purchased it (very green, full and shiny). "However, it is also known for its finicky properties." However, these plants are prone to health conditions that can disfigure the look of their leaves and threaten their health. So, why does a fiddle leaf turn yellow, […] https://fiddleleaffigplant.com/fiddle-leaf-fig-spots-photo-troubleshooting-guide Overwatering can cause root rot, nutrient deficiency, and mineral build up, as well as other problems, which cause this damage to your plant. Further complicating this is the fact that yellow leaves on a fig may mean a bacterial infection. It was also near an open window so I thought that might be the cause. It's a banyan fig, which means that it begins its life high in the branches of another tree, then sends its roots down to the ground where it slowly strangles the host tree to death. If we water plants with hard water for a long time, a lot of salt will accumulate in the soil, which will lead to the yellow leaves of the plants withering. my fiddle leaf fig has lost a few leaves over the past month. Leaves may also turn yellow or drop off, and your plant may stop growing. Bacterial infections are difficult to fight and can quickly kill a fiddle leaf … The fiddle leaf fig is native to western Africa and grows naturally in a lowland rainforest environment. Soil for Fiddle-leaf fig. Also known as Ficus lyrata, fiddle leaf figs can grow up to 10 to 15 feet or more inside your home, says Lisa Eldred Steinkopf of The Houseplant Guru.

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