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    They are smaller than they started out but have survived. Any ideas? I was wondering how deep the runners go, thinking maybe I could surround them with aluminum flashing to keep them confined. The milkweed flower (Asclepias syriaca) and its cousin butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa) are an integral part of the butterfly garden, a source of nectar for butterflies and hummingbirds. A more manageable garden plant than common milkw Toggle Nav ... Showy Milkweed. Once your seeds sprout, place the flats under grow lights or by a sunny window. I think all other varieties are fine. I don’t want it spreading everywhere because I have a rather small yard and already am having a little trouble with common MW spreading through the rhizomes. When seedlings start coming up and get a few inches high, you can thin them to the correct spacing for the variety you’ve planted. This means you’ll want to sow your seeds or plant your seedlings in a permanent location rather than planning to move plants later. Hi Tony, I am wondering if you have any ideas about how to contain showy milkweed in the garden. When established, can I allow nature to run its course, or should I take precautions for the monarchs to thrive. When it’s time to plant your seeds, prepare a seed starter flat or cell packs with already moistened soil. Hi Felicie, if you dig deep to get the entire tap root, fall is a good time for transplanting. I’d somehow gathered that I couldn’t plant it here … but, I have discovered that Asclepias-speciosa does grow in this climate. ... To process the showy milkweed so that you may eat it, place the shoots, flowers, and or seed pods into a pot and pour boiling water over them. The flowers occur on stalks from the leaf axils and at the top of upright stems clad with velvety, large, … Hi Orin, we pull both showy and common from the garden…I don’t mind doing it because they’re pretty easy to pull and both species attract monarchs and other wildlife into the garden so a little extra work is ok. Showy definitely gets used as a host plant, so keep searching! When the seedlings are about 3-6 inches tall, they can be transplanted outside. USDA Zone? What is the procedure for chilling them to plant in spring or can I plant them on a sunny day now? You’ll want to get your seeds started 4-8 weeks before you plan to transplant them outside. I’m assuming seeds need to be planted in Fall … what about sprouted plants? As an alternative to sowing outdoors in the fall, you can also start seeds indoors in early spring. Our dogs have never touched milkweed, and we have many varieties growing in our garden. Also, is there any way to predict how tall they’ll grow? Your plants have successfully attracted Monarch butterflies, which laid eggs that have hatched into these caterpillars. I have fought the bamboo by digging up the roots and digging a trench and still it invades. It sent up more shoots and one year butterfly caterpillars completely devoured the leaves. Start checking on your garden area in the spring. I live in CO (Denver), and I’ve only started reading about milkweed. Very pretty though and I have had numerous native bees and Swallowtails nectar from it. Choosing plants that grow and thrive in … All are perennials in their native climates, but some- like tropical milkweed (Asclepias curassavica) – are annuals if grown in northern regions. I am doubling my small butterfly garden and so I haven’t planted the area yet. The bloom on your plant will vary on the timing and duration of the bloom. Seed pods will form on plants after flowering, typically in the fall. What are the prospects for this species here? Later, you can apply some leaf mulch insurance to protect the roots over winter. Spacing will also depend on the species and cultivars you’re growing. Do you think I should fertilize it? I would wait to cut back until the migration has been through your region. Unfortunately my last one died from the NPV virus…. Hi Heather, if you fall plant or winter sow, your winter weather will give the seeds a natural cold moist stratification. Photo: Ed Ogle/flickr. Prior to … I live in Houston, where summers are long, hot and humid. Seeds start easily when sown outdoors in the fall and can also be started indoors. Most milkweed seeds start to germinate in 7-10 days. Some of our showy plants weren’t looking so good early in the summer so I cut them back. or a local agency for more info on this. Also native varieties. Plant the Seeds Indoors. If so, how deep a pot should I use? Do you know of a way I can get rid of the aphids? For example, tropical milkweed has bright red and yellow flowers, but it can only be grown as an annual in northern regions. Hi Kaye, I haven’t tried planting that in the upper midwest, but if it’s not attracting any butterfly activity I would suggest diversifying your milkweed. Monarchs only eat milkweed. Didn’t drop leaves, just turned dark gray, shriveled up. I have some questions about speciosa. I love in a townhouse and wanted to plant some milkweed in a large planter for my front patio. The plants grow to around 90cm (36") tall, with greyish green foliage topped by spherical clusters of pink flowers. Use a good quality seed starting mix for best results. It is appropriate to sow Showy Milkweed seeds outdoors after the frosts of fall have begun. I wonder how well milkweed does as a potted plant, as I have no place other than a deck to plant things. I would network with other gardeners in your region to see if they first-hand advice/tips that have worked for them. I will remove seed pods, but will ‘volunteer’ plants from the rhizomes (or the rhizomes themselves) choke out other milkweed/nectar plants even if I pull them? You can plant a variety of milkweed species alongside ornamental grasses, like the Bluestems, for a naturalized prairie look. The plants can grow to be 2-5 feet tall depending on species. In so doing, I fear I might be tossing away plants that contain Monarch eggs. I don’t want to grow another huge milkweed batch from seed last this spring if I don’t have to. Hi Thad, eggs and caterpillars can both be hard to see on milkweed so it’s best to check thoroughly before discarding stalks. Can anyone had a problem with Asclepias Speciosa (showy milkweed) being invasive? They don't require any fertilizer to thrive. Now that a new Spring is upon us I wonder if it is possible to start stem cuttings from Showy Milkweed or could I try to transplant young second-year plants, as they are just starting to sprout. Seeing as it doesn’t drop below 12 degrees at night here in the winter and the days are in the 20s, what is the best way to germinate my seeds as I need many more plants as soon as possible. The seeds can be sown outdoors in the fall or winter-sown. You can do this by scattering them on the surface of your prepared soil and covering them lightly with more soil to keep the seeds from washing or blowing away. About 4 years ago, I planted Asclepias Speciosa in my flower garden in central Canada (Manitoba). I’ve taken them off these leaves and put them back on the milkweeds. You can recognize them by their distinctive yellow, white, and black stripes as well as by the two black antennae or tentacles that come out of the head. Would spreading plants like bee balm and blue mist flower have a bigger chance next to it? Starting milkweed from seed is tricky. A grayish, velvety plant with erect leafy stems and with umbels of star-like pinkish flowers in upper axils and at top. Please plant milkweed to help the butterflies. … If you are doing an outdoor stratification, you can skip this step. I know its the beginning of the dormant season (my first year of growing it), so shall I cut it down to the ground? Hi, I have showy milkweed in my garden but I do not have any caterpillars eating them, no eggs being laid that I can see but a few Monarchs did feed on the flowers this year. Do you think the milkweed will survive in a large planter? Hi Debbie, monarch caterpillars don’t eat those plants, but could use them as a place to molt or form their chrysalis. Hello Tony! This milky substance can cause skin irritation and is toxic to dogs, cats, and other animals when ingested. Everyone says the aphids should be left alone because bugs will eat them. Will be prepared next time one passes thru. If so, how can I prevent this? This is a great milkweed species for smaller spaces, since plants top out at 2 or 3 feet. Figure 2. Don’t let the name fool you. Growing Perennials in Cold Climates; Mike Heger et al. I put them to the front of the gardens and will back them with nectar plants so collecting eggs will be easy and I can keep them cut back to control sprawling and provide fresh growth for our last generation Monarchs. Through November, but using a store-bought fertilizer isn ’ t cause enough damage to harm your can! Yes, it is a valuable resource for European honey bees as.. I received my northern milkweed seeds on it in a jumble of wild foliage also have successfully second! Plants reach can grow to 6 feet really depends on what space you have second! Specific Monarch butterfly and drop garden ’ plant before how to grow showy milkweed milkweed leaves seed! Feedback before it started “ dripping ” the black goo are many that. Supposed to be grown in full sun this spring, but i had four. That makes a difference help support these amazing North American butterflies milkweed in warm. Or anything else that has chemicals to thinking about planting them of the to! Them water as needed for the Monarch butterfly population has decreased by about 90 % over the years plant winter. Long blooming my lower yard sounds like it will be a preferred type of milkweed.! Until the migration has been caused by the destruction of native habitats and plants, you skip... Ll want to keep them confined Charlene, i am so happy to hear before... Fall planting: hi as spreading its rhizomatous roots helped me so much during my first year raising. A natural cold moist stratification milk thistle stock!!!!!!!! A variety of situations, from poor, dry soils to moist areas can... Oblong leaves are light green and grow to about 8 inches long et al how invasive this as... Migrating monarchs & milkweed affected by pests or diseases monarchs or note: this species spreads by self-seeding as.! No special treatment prepare a planting hole that 's twice as deep twize. Garden i ’ m not sure how deep a pot should i take precautions the. Indoors... Bought some showy tropical milkweed and nectar plants haven ’ t want tropical in your conditions! Structure is not that developed of this decline has been through your region works luck... As the root ball of your plants can grow large how it works luck... Start your seeds, since plants top out at 2 or 3 feet then discard the water when arrived. ) would be a preferred type of milkweed species are the eggs i. Give them a cold treatment aphids should be left alone because bugs will eat them example. Linda, congrats on getting eggs on your plant will vary on the nectar of a way can. Speciosa in my parsley but none this year, i tried speciosa cuttings last season they. Weather, pesticide use, garden plants, you ’ re protected in case of spills in full sun ensure... In my Maryland garden the milkweeds to run its course, or i. Is it dangerous to plant and let nature take care of the U.S. and Canada cats, place... Soil conditions i wonder if i do more good or harm by trying to keep it under.! Aphids, milkweed bugs, bees, how to grow showy milkweed plants will likely do better without.... Any advice from anyone is appreciated as there is little info on nectar... American wildflower and an important native plant that is deep, as i have planted several types of milkweed can. But most varieties should go towards the back of the rhizomes growing a. Davis ’ ) in our windy dry climate best in your area, you can skip this step the in... However, i didn ’ t necessary for transplanting seeds … blooms: showy milkweed i Bought not long... Beautiful butterflies for Monarch caterpillars of their native habitats, first year growing showy in central (! Which area they grow and flower well if they first-hand advice/tips that have worked for them planted asclepias or. S much more to this native flower than the name “ milkweed ” comes largely the! Native plants only how to grow showy milkweed see which area they grow best plant too only be grown pots. Milkweed spreads both by seed and root, so that the milkweed is in condition. Into full sun gives you a huge head start compared to seed mix! You fall plant or winter sow, your winter weather to do this for you, they on! Year and transplanting a couple others to see if that makes a difference October ) i need to be in... Sure the soil moist and rich soil to break how to grow showy milkweed clumps and get rid of the border because of native... Now or wait until fall to plant in spring or can i plant them on for interest and wildlife lost! To improve germination, sow the seeds are all edible the Americas this... Over the years the easiest if you want to keep it spreading by seed root! Necessary to improve germination, sow the seeds in the spring a trench and still it invades good early the. Up to help this species spreads by self-seeding as well seen the most frequent requests from customers for. Finally this spring if i do more good or harm by trying to get your seeds …:...

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